Elin Namnieks was born in the South East part of Sweden, in the town of Vimmerby, from where it is said that people are sturdy and persistent. This certainly rings true for Elin, who at the age of 22, has made hundreds of gigs and gone to several countries to write, record and perform. She was named an ”Ines Talent” in 2018, and has already performed twice at Swedens biggest showcase festival ”Live at Heart” These kind of results is, apart from Elins evident talent, a testament to her determination, passion and strong love for music! Elin comments:

”My music and my songwriting got really important to me early on . It was my therapy to make it through tough days and gave me something to strive for and dream about.”

Like any artist with an ambition to grow Elin is constantly looking for new influences and collaborations to develop her sound and artistry. She’s always looking to expand her creative horizon, which make her sound vibrant, interesting and current. This has led her to work with people from both LA and Berlin. And the journey itself has led Elins music to go from Acoustically influenced pop to a more electro based one that has darker, more suggestive, undertones that reflects the growth of the performer itself. Elin shares how she looks at the creative process and songwriting;

”The most important thing is to be true to yourself, and stay at it until you feel 100% happy. That, and not being afraid to take a chance – like, dare to take that leap…!”

The future is looking really exciting for Elin and apart from new exciting releases, touring and the never ending creative journey to write new music Elin is also keeping busy with her devotion to fitness and entrepreneurship that is tied in with her music to make the picture complete. The strive to strengthen your body and mind to be able to find that extra drive and go that extra mile fits well with the philosophy of Elin Namnieks, she has her mind set on being heard, way outside of that sleepy town where she grew up.