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JULY 25 – O-ringen Lilla Torget, Oskarshamn (SE)
AUG 3 – Drop Inn, Copenhagen (DK)
SEP 4 – Bergfest, Flux FM Berlin (DE) 



Meet Namelle, a Swedish artist in the world of electro pop, captivating audiences with a magnetic stage presence and catchy melodies. With over 7 million streams on Spotify alone, Namelle is leaving her mark on the global music scene. It’s all about memorable hooks, pop couture, and personal storytelling. Her music isn’t just a sound—it’s a vibe.

In 2021, Namelle teamed up with LoudKult, releasing the EP’s “Namelle” and “Salt” among several other collaborations. In October 2023, she released her third EP, “Love’s Sake” which gained attention on German radio stations like Flux FM and Radioeins. 

Namelle graduated from Musikmakarna, Sweden’s top-ranked songwriting school, in spring 2022. Notably, Namelle has contributed her songwriting talents to various artists, including Conro (Monstercat), Haywyre, and talents signed to Steve Aoki’s label DIM MAK, such as Aviella and Juuku. 

Offstage, Namelle is a driven individual, seamlessly blending her passion for fashion with her musical pursuits, carving out her own path in the industry. 

Step into Namelle’s world, where pop meets glamour, and discover music that speaks to you with its relatable charm.