Namelle – tech-rider, club setting

The band consists of 3 people.

Elin Namnieks – lead vocals

Guitarist – Electric guitar + vocals

Drummer – Acoustic drum set + spd-sx drum pad

The band will bring:

An Electric guitar

Spd-sx Drum Pad (please note that we need D.I,

2 channels for this)

Laptop (please note that we need D.I, 2 channels for this)


* Drummer doesn’t always bring his own cymbals,

so check this with the band first.

Backline request: 

If possible, 3 monitors on separate systems.

One (1) kick drum (22”)

One (1-2)  or two rack toms (10” 13”)

One (1) floor tom (16”)

One (1) Hi-hat stand

Three (3) cymbal stands

One (1) stand for SPD-sx (additional cymbal, snare or mic stand)

One (1) snare stand

One (1) single kick pedal

One (1) drum throne

Snare drum (14”), if drummer doesn’t bring his/her own 

Cymbals (1 hi-hat top and bottom, 2 crash + 1 ride),

if drummer doesn’t bring his/her own

“ = Suggestions for preferred drum dimensions

One (1) Guitar Amp (Fender Twin or similar)

One (1) Guitar stand

One (1) Wireless Lead Vocal Mirophone

One (1)  Microphone for the guitarist doing harmonies

Two (2) Tall Microphone Stands

One (1) Short Microphone Stand (for guitar amp)

One (1) Microphone Clip (for floor tom) OR 1 suitable
Microphone Stand

One (1) Microphone for OH (crash cymbal)

One (1) Microphone for Floor Tom

One (1) Microphone for Guitar Amp

One (1) stereo aux line from the mixer to the Spd-SX
for in-ear monitoring.

Four (4) D.I-boxes

+ XLR cords, power strips, instrument cables


If possible, the band wants their own dressing room,
sized appropriately for up to six (6) people.
The room should have tables and enough seating,
good lightning, multiple mirrors, running water and
easy access to restrooms. The room must be difficult
to access for anyone outside the band, crew and
venue personnel, and should preferably be locked
whenever the band is not present.


Nine (9) bottles of still water


Hot water

Tea, lemon, ginger

One (1) bowl of mixed fruit

One (1) bowl of mixed nuts

Bread and crackers

One (1) box of butter or margarine

One (1) jar of crunchy peanut butter

Assorted cheeses

Dark chocolate

Six (6) towels

Coffee mugs, glasses etc

The band expects a hot dinner served either at least
three (3) hours before the show or at least two (2)
hours after the show.

Ask the band for food requirements.


Elin Namnieks